Principal Message - Rewa College of Pharmacy

Dear friends,

I am indeed very much delighted to contact you through this brief communication. The Rewa College of Pharmacy, Rewa (M.P.) is the pioneer Institution in Reewanchal region has completed illustrious 14 years from its establishment in 2004 by Honourable founder chairman Dr. Sunil Kapoor. Rewa College of Pharmacy is an institute committed to promote academic excellence in Technical Education and Healthcare. We endeavor to provide quality service to our students with the highest educational standards.
We have a farsighted management, highly qualified and very experienced faculty, a huge infrastructure and established systems working with perfect positive synchronized inertia for the betterment of students and society at large. We strive to present to the World not only technically qualified individuals but perfectly groomed citizens ready to face challenges of life while contributing positive to mankind.
Pharmacy is a noble profession, offers job opportunities in various fields such as Pharmaceutical industries, Research, Teaching, Hospitals, Regulatory, etc. There is a great demand for pharmacy professionals, not only in our country, but also across the globe. Pharmacists perform various tasks in the pharmaceutical industry and practice setting, thereby contributing a large to the health sector. Considering the huge demand for pharmacy professionals in various areas, several pharmacy institutions have been established in the last few decades to impart pharmacy education. Pharmacy education requires modern laboratory facilities and highly qualified faculty members. Theory and practical classes are also extremely important for the student. Hence, the need of the hours in the Pharmacy education is to impart good quality education and research.
As professional service, we provide our expertise for betterment of pharmacy profession. Along with the cooperation of our alumni, students, faculty and all other well wishes, we ARE committed to maintain the pace of our progress. Thanks & Regards

Dr R K Chauksey
M.Pharm, PHD
Mobile Number: 7000773996,